32″ OptimusZ Stand-on Zero Turn Mower (8kWh)

The GREENWORKS® 8kWh commercial compact stand-on mower is the most powerful and most advanced compact stand-on zero turn mower in the market. These unit is the ultimate productivity machine with user comfort and safety in the forefront of its design philosophy.

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Engineered for all day commercial use, landscapers can now confidently mow up to 7 acres and enjoy 5 hours of runtime thanks to the highly efficient, built-in 8kWh battery module with safe LFP cell technology. Two industry first, ultra low profile hub drive brushless motors (5kW output power each), planetary gearing and intelligent, interconnected systems provide users with unmatched driving performance, capabilities and comfort.

This ultra high performance mower operates with the equivalent 22hp and 352cc displacement petrol engine. It is equipped with the most advanced 19k Constant Smart Cutting SystemTM and patented PowrTraq Smart Drive SystemTM. These systems make OptimusZ the BEST on the market!

With exceptional traction control, improved handling, intelligent design and the lowest centre of gravity in the class, OptimusZ can take on sloped applications that our competition can’t – up to 15° degrees. Instant, optimised responses to changing conditions apply power wen needed, allowing users to maintain peak driving performance and comfort on various terrain type, inclines/declines and conditions such as tall, thick and wet grass. This gives the user a superior versatility and allows more work to be done efficiently and safely. With a cut speed up to 16kmh – the fastest in its class, you can increase productivity, allowing users to complete tasks quickly, cutting more in less time than the competition.

With a constant 19,000FPM blade tip speed, these machines skillfully adjust to various grass conditions and ensures exceptional quality of cut. These superior direct drive features, innovative design and intelligent responses to changing conditions help make the OptimusZ stand-on the most agile and most powerful zero turn mower on the market.

OptimusZ also boasts the only real time 4G+GPS connectivity in its category, enabling fleet management via the units software and the GREENWORKS Commercial app anytime, from anywhere. This connectivity provides instant visibility to usage statistics and gives live insights into battery status and all the system functions. Also, the 4G module enables

over-the-air (OTA) software updates to guarantee your machine always has the latest and greatest software without ever having to step foot in a dealership or repair shop.

Product Specifications


CZ32S8X (32")

Deck Width



up to 5 hours


up to 7 acres

Charge Time

3 hours



Cutting Speed


Slope Capacity

15 degrees

Deck Positions



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