60V 46cm SP Mower + Blower + Multi Tool + Pole Saw/Hedge Trimmer attach 1×4.0Ah Battery + Charger Kit

This pack comes with a GREENWORKS® Pro 60V 46cm / 18” brushless self-propelled lawnmower, Pro  60V brushless string trimmer, Pro 60V brushless axial blower, pole saw and hedge trimmer attachments, battery and charger, making it the best kit to keep your garden in perfect shape.

With GREENWORKS your possibilities are endless. You get the power and performance of petrol, without the noise and fumes – just clean, strong battery power with products that are versatile, easy to use and environmentally friendly.

Let GREENWORKS take the hard work out of yard work.


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GREENWORKS Pro Brushless Self-Propelled Lawnmower (18″):
Do you want more power and better performance? The GREENWORKS® reliable and easy to use 60V 46cm lawnmower has the power allowing you to get the job done easier with the liberty of cordless mowing. In addition, it is easy to fold and therefore convenient to store. It is versatile with a 3-in-1 function for mulching, rear collection and side discharge along with seven different cutting heights.
Technical Details:
Voltage: 60V
Motor: Brushless

Cutting Width: 46cm
Cutting Heights: 7
Mulching: Yes
Side Discharge: Yes
Foldable Handlebar: Yes
Runtime (4.0Ah): < 49 minutes
Weight: 28kg
Deck Material: Steel
Drive System: Self-Propelled
Rec. Cutting Area (4.0Ah): < 30 minutes (under no load)

GREENWORKS Pro Brushless String Trimmer:
The GREENWORKS® 60V cordless string trimmer has incredible power and performance yet is compact, lightweight and starts with the squeeze of a trigger. Features a variable speed trigger, adjustable handle and Load N’ Go trimmer head for fast, hassle-free line reloading – reload trimmer line in mere seconds, with no disassembly needed.
Technical Details:
Voltage: 60V
Motor: Brushless
Cutting Width: 40cm
Runtime (4.0Ah): < 49 minutes
Weight: 3.85kg
Line Diameter: 2.4mm twisted
Line Feeding System: Bump head
Dual Line: Yes
Vibration Level: < 7.5m/s2

GREENWORKS Pro Brushless Axial Blower:
This GREENWORKS® 60V ergonomic garden blower provides the power you need to blow through your weekend garden clean up with ease. Features a push start engine for quick, effortless start ups, a turbo button and a variable speed trigger
with cruise control.
Technical Details:
Voltage: 60V
Max. Air Volume: 1190m3/h
Motor: Brushless
Max. Air Speed: 209km/h Weight: 2.4kg
Turbo Air Speed 270km/h

GREENWORKS Pro Hedge Trimmer Multi Tool Attachment
Technical Details:
Cutting Capacity: 23mm
Blade Dimension: 16″
Adjustable Angle: 270 degrees (+180 ~ -90)
Reduction Gear Ratio: 6.1

GREENWORKS Pro Pole Saw Attachment:
Technical Details:
Bar Length: 10″
Fixed Head: Yes
Reduction Gear Ratio: 1.00

GREENWORKS Pro 60V Battery:
The GREENWORKS® lithium-ion batteries provide the power you need for maximum performance and are compatible with all products within the 60V range from GREENWORKS. Featuring no self discharge, fast charging and a power level indicator, you’ll have petrol equivalent power at your fingertips in no time for when those tough jobs turn up.
Technical Details
Voltage: 60V
Charging Time 100%: *Using 2936107AU charger < 40 minutes
Battery Pack Capacity: 4.0Ah Weight: 1.92kg
Watt Hours: 216Wh

GREENWORKS Pro 60V Fast Charger:
This GREENWORKS® lithium-ion battery charger charges the 4.0Ah, 6.0Ah and 8.0Ah 60V batteries.
– No self-discharge
– No memory effect
– Fast charging
Technical Details:
Voltage: 60V
Amps: 6.0A
Weight: 0.516kg
Charging Time 100% (4.0Ah): < 40 minutes
Charging Time 100% (6.0Ah): < 60 minutes

Product Specifications

Kit Includes

1 x 60V Pro Brushless Self-Propelled Lawnmower (18″) 2514607AU
1 x 60V Pro Brushless String Trimmer (16″) 2109007AU
1 x 60V Pro Brushless Axial Blower 2405907AUVT
1 x 60V Pro Pole Saw Attachment 2937007AU
1 x 60V Pro Hedge Trimmer Attachment 2937107AU
1 x 60V Pro Battery 4.0Ah 2935807AU
1 x 60V Pro Charger 2936107AU


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