OptimusZ 8kW Super Charger

Proven reliability Charging shell is shaped by integrated die casting and joined with temperature resistant glue. The active cooling fan is designed with a potting structure to provide longer life.

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– Charges 24kWh battery in 3 hours

– Short circuit protection

– Burnout protection

– No-load protection

– Compatible with all OptimusZ models

– Automatic shutdown when fully charged

– LCD screen for critical charging information


Charger has been tested in various industrial environments (wet, cold, hot, dusty) and design is proven and passed for unmatched reliability.


Safety and longevity:

Active PFC and LLC techniques are applied for a rapid response on a detected fault. Quick active software self-

protection and reliable passive hardware self-protection on voltage and current. Advanced charging strategy is

integrated as a safeguard for battery system protection.

Product Specifications



Charge Rate

AC 240V 31A (7.7kW)

Max Output Voltage


Output Current DC


Rated Input Current

32.0 A

Rated Input Power


Charging Time

24kWh within 3.5 hours




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